Shortlinks by Pretty Links – Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin

Shortlinks by Pretty Links – Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin


Short Links by Pretty Links – Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin

Do you want to track your visitor’s activities? Do you want to mask your ugly affiliate links?

Well, you can mask and track your links using a free plugin called “Pretty Links Lite“. This is a URL shortener and best link tracking plugin for your WordPress site.

If you do not track your visitor’s activity then you are losing your business. Without tracking is not possible to scale up your business.

Hare has a lot of paid tracking tools but if you do not want to pay much money for link tracking then this plugin is perfect for you.

So, how you can setup this plugin and use this plugin for scale-up your business?

First of all, install this plugin on your WordPress site. Go to your WordPress admin panel plugin section.

Shortlinks by Pretty Links – Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin
Shortlinks by Pretty Links – Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin

Find “Pretty Link Lite“, you will get the plugin on the list. Just install and activate that plugin first. After activating your plugin now you are able to create any shorten link using this plugin.

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Final Verdict

If you are using WordPress and have no money to invest in tracking then you can use this plugin.

You can create your own branded domain link, track the link clicks and also visitors location and IP address.

It will be better for affiliate link masking and redirection. For more details, you can check out the WordPress Plugin section.

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