What is Autoresponder? How to Choose One That Fits Your Needs!

Autoresponder is a program that can send email to your recipient and also can respond to an email automatically.

In the previous article (2.1), you’ve learned how to create a high performing landing page for your affiliate product. I hope, you have practiced creating a perfect landing page and have created one. Now in this article, you are about to learn What is Autoresponder and how to choose one that fits your needs.

What is Autoresponder?

Autoresponder is a program that can send email to your recipient and also can respond to an email automatically. Autoresponder lets you automate your campaigns and manage communication with your subscribers.

How to collect leads and grow subscribers list? You’ll get to learn in detail in step 6. Autoresponder allows you to set emails copy that you want to send to your visitors when they submit their detail, it also lets you set the time duration and based on your setting it will automatically send emails.

That is why using an autoresponder for your business is a vital fact. But the complexity is, choosing an autoresponder. Autoresponder is an email marketing tool, that is why I suggest you read this article where I compared the best 5 email marketing service. Read this article and you’ll get an idea which autoresponder is the perfect fit for you.

Usually, you have two different choices for the autoresponder solution.

  1. Build (host) your own Autoresponder
  2. Use a third-party Autoresponder service

Though I prefer you to choose the second option. There are many reasons behind it.

1. Build (host) your own Autoresponder

You can host your own Autoresponder service by using a few scripts. There are many web hosts offers one-click installation of these scripts. But the problem is when you use your self-hosted autoresponder, most of the ESPs (email service providers) will flag your emails or if they don’t flag your email, they’ll put your emails on the spam folder. Which is obviously we don’t want.

2. Use a third-party Autoresponder service

You’ll find many companies out there who provides amazing autoresponder service to online marketers as well as entrepreneurs. And there are many benefits of using a third-party autoresponder service. Among them, one of the major benefits is your emails would not go to the spam folder. Every email sent by a good third-party Autoresponder will reach directly into the inbox. They also allow you to see if the recipients open your emails or not.

And they’ll give you a ton of pre-designed email templates so that you can create and set autoresponder for your campaign in a short period of time.

Which aspects to consider?

Choosing the right Autoresponder service may have an effective impact on your marketing campaign. Most of the best third-party Autoresponder services are offered almost the same – features, free trials, collection of email templates, social media integrations and email automation. Besides these features, you need to look for a few aspects to choose the best Autoresponder service. Every good Autoresponder has these key features-

  • Automation: Helps you to automate your marketing processes. Send emails automatically based on the setting that you’ll set.
  • User-Friendly: Always choose an Autoresponder service that is user-friendly, means easy to use and the interface is fresh. Also, easily understandable.
  • Delivery Rate: An ideal Autoresponder service ensure maximum inbox delivery and also let you know how many emails have been opened.
  • Price: Gives you all the features you need at an affordable price.

And the main advantage of using a third-party Autoresponder service is, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. Even if you are a complete beginner you can use it to build your subscribers list and grow as well.

I personally use GetResponse as my Autoresponder solution. There are many reasons why I use GetResponse. Among them, one of the main advantages is the price. It offers all the enhanced features that I need to automate my marketing campaigns at an affordable price.

And also, they provide full instructions and video tutorials to help their consumer. You can create a GetResponse account from here, and you’ll get a free trial to check out their service. You’ll learn the best use of an Autoresponder in Step 6.

In the next article, you are about to learn how to build a blog site.

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