Top 10 vital things to do after installing WordPress

Top 10 vital things to do after installing WordPress


Did you install WordPress and now thinking about what you have to do next?

Most of the bloggers are confused at this stage and they have no idea how to full fill their website and what they have to do next. I’m going to show you 10 vital things you have to do for your smart WordPress site.

Check out the video below to learn –

Now, i think you know what you have to do after installing your WordPress. I’m giving you the action steps again for helping you –

  1. Change The Title, Tagline, Time zone, and Favicon
  2. Change Your Permalink Structure
  3. Configure the Reading Settings
  4. Delete Unused Themes
  5. Install a Cache Plugin
  6. Improving WordPress Security
  7. Install an Anti-Spam Plugin
  8. Install A SEO WordPress Plugin
  9. Optimize For Social Media Sharing via Sharing Plugins
  10. Start Scheduling Regular Backups


Install a Cache Plugin: Best 5 Caching Plugin for WordPress Website

Improving WordPress Security: Best 5 Security Plugin for WordPress – (Protect Your Business)

Professional Themes:

Optimize For Social Media Sharing via Sharing Plugins: The Best 5 Social Media Plugin for WordPress

Best Backup Plugin: Best 5 WordPress Backup Plugins (Make Secure Your Website)

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