How to Choose A Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog or Business Website

Don't know which domain name to choose? Choosing the best domain name is a BIG deal! In this article you will learn how to select the perfect domain name for your business.

In the previous article of this series, you’ve learned how to choose a hungry niche and profitable product In the meantime, you’ve chosen a niche as well as a profitable product to promote.

Your next step is to purchase a perfect domain name. Until now you know that choosing a good domain name is a difficult task, it takes days.

But do you know, with the right strategy you can choose a perfect domain name in a short period of time?

Before digging down any further note that, once you’ll visit a domain registers site, they’ll give you options to purchase hosting package along with a domain.

And once you’ll visit a web host registers site, they’ll suggest you purchase a domain from them.

They might offer you a discount. I suggest you choose a domain and hosting pack from separate service providers.

Because, if for any reason the company become bankrupt or maybe faced a major hacking attack, you won’t be affected much and you’ll have full control over your website.

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So, let’s see how to choose a perfect domain name for your business in a short period of time. For better understanding, I’ve organized this method in a few simple steps.

Always Choose (.com) Domain

Try to get a .com Name. Why? Because it is the most used and most common domain extension in the world.

There are other reasons to choose a .com Name.

  • For Example

Your name is John, now if your friend asks you about your website, and you tell him a search for John. He will search for “”, they added .com automatically though you haven’t told him to add .com in the last.

There are no rules like you have to choose a .com Name. You can also select a .net or .org or other domain extensions.

But whatever extension you use, once you tell someone about your website.

People will remember your domain + .com automatically though you told him to add .net.

That is why choosing a .com domain extension is always better, and it’s easy to remember for your visitors.

Easily Rememberable Domain Name

Always try to choose a name that reflects your niche topic. It will help your visitors to remember easily.

Also, with a niche related domain name, when someone will see your domain name, immediately they’ll get a good sense of what your site is all about.

But there are so many websites in the world, so your first-choice name may not be available.

However, you can put some words at the beginning of your chosen name or at the end to make it a unique domain name that available.

Some of the example templates are given below.

You can use these templates to make a unique domain name-

  • [niche name] (For example-
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • All[niche name].com
  • Just[niche name].com
  • Best[niche name].com
  • [niche name]
  • [niche name]
  • e[niche name].com
  • i[niche name].com
  • Master[niche name].com

There is a chance that you may not find a domain name using these templates. It is possible that all the good names are already taken. Don’t worry, try to mix more words that match.

  • For Example
[niche name] or best[niche name] or best[niche name] etc.

Easy To Pronounce

Once you’ve found a unique domain name, don’t purchase it now. Before purchasing a domain, try it on your friend and family to find out if the name is ok. How?

Say the name of your domain loudly to your friends as like you are sharing your site on a live conference.

If they understand the name easily then you have chosen a good name, or if they are having trouble to understand what is the domain name and you have to explain it then you have to choose another name.

  • For Example

You have chosen a domain like “”, now if you say this name to your friend loudly, they might misunderstand the name extension. They might think that you are telling “2” when you are telling “.to”.

So, you need to change the name.

Now, it is time to choose a perfect domain name for your business. You can choose it from and once you have found a good domain name and tried it on your friend then you can buy it from here too.

In the next article of this series, you are about to learn how to choose a Webhost.

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