How to get google to instantly Index your new website

How to get google to instantly Index your new website


Do you want to get organic traffic from Google? The first criteria for getting organic traffic is you have to index your contents.

You know that Google is like a book and all of the books have their index for contents.

So, most of the blogger is confuse about the indexing issues.

Now I’m going to show you how you can index your content almost instantly in Google. You have to do go through only 3 steps process.

But before that, you have to make sure you connect and verify your domain with Google Webmaster Tool.

Let check out the video instruction how you can properly index your site.

Hope you understand the indexing process. Sometimes it takes some time to the index but this system is proven and you can do it without any hesitation.


If you launch a brand new website then you have to take some time to get index on Google. But, this simple 3 steps you can get the result almost instantly. So, try it yourself and happy blogging.

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