Best 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugins Compared

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2019)

2. Formidable


Formidable is one of the most advanced Contact Form builder tools in the market. It designed with complex and dynamic applications in mind.

Most of the Contact Form plugin was build as easier to use and they require to install some other plugins in order to accomplish your need. But with Formidable you don’t need to install another plugin to create a complex form for your website.

Formidable is the only Contact Form builder tool you ever need to create all kind of form you want. Formidable has been created to build bigger applications. It bloated with various features that you may find unwanted if you are a beginner.

You can use this plugin to create online applications and add data management systems for tracking, and various payments collection forms such as donation, online order or payments.

The most useful features of this plugin are: Display form data with views, drag and drop form builder, dynamically add form field, multi-page form with progress bar, WordPress front end editor, create reports with graph and chart from data, calculating fields, cascade looking fields and so on.

If your site is small, it can serve you well at the first but it can increase the additional cost over long-term usage. You can use this plugin by paying the following price.


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